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White Pedestal File Cabinet

Let Us Take Care of Your Document Needs!

Managing your office files and supplies can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Jamesville is here to make things a lot easier. Feel free to browse our inventory online, and get in touch with us if you’d like some help. From our Fireproof Cabinets to the latest filing and storage ideas, we’ve got all your office cabinet needs covered.


Discover Your Ideal Storage Solution!

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to organize your office space? Our selection of vertical and lateral filing cabinets offers a variety of options to fit your needs. With sturdy and easy-to-use features, our filing cabinets are the perfect solution for keeping your documents and files in order. Browse our collection today and find the perfect filing cabinet for your office or home. You won't find better quality at this price.

Pedestal desks are an excellent option for those who want to optimize storage in their workspace. These desks come equipped with drawers that are built into the desk itself, allowing you to keep all your important documents and supplies within arm's reach. Whether you're working from home or office, a pedestal can help you stay organized and focused by providing ample storage space for your work essentials. 

Introducing our stunning collection of bookcases! With an array of sizes, styles, and finishes available, you'll find the perfect fit for your space. Our bookcases are functional and stylish, adding a touch of elegance to any room at home or in the office.  Adjustable shelves, freestanding, or with the option to affix to a wall or floor, we have a custom storage solution that suits your needs and your style, in any room.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Hutches and Wallmounted storage combine style and functionality, providing a charming and durable storage solution. Constructed with meticulous attention to detail and built to last, they feature sturdy construction and a sleek design. In various finishes, including warm wood tones and contemporary white, they are designed to complement your existing furniture seamlessly.

Our cabinets are designed to keep your space organized and clutter-free, with locking drawers for added privacy and a variety of finishes to match any decor. Whether you need to store paperwork, office supplies, or personal items, we have you covered. With our exciting range of options, you'll be able to find the perfect cabinet and create a clean, professional workspace. Call us and we will get you into the right storage systems for your needs.

Our Fireproof Storage offers unparalleled protection for your valuable items, combining style with high-level security. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, these state-of-the-art units ensure the safety of your documents. Focused on both security and convenience, this reliable and user-friendly storage solution guards against fire threats, providing peace of mind for your prized possessions. 

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