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Create a stylish and functional collaborative workstation with the Borders Series Panel System. Borders is a modular, desk-mounted system that can be retrofitted to most Performance laminate desks, giving you freedom to define your space any way you like. The Borders Dual Desk Package features a combination of Acrylic and Visconti designer fabric panels, and comes with your choice of either a full Box/Box/File or a File/File pedestal in each workstation.


*Package does not include: Accessories.

Borders Dual L-Shape Desk with Visconti and Acrylic Panels

  • L-Shape Desk: PL182L/182R/192(2)/166(2)/PBP12(6)/PBP24(5)/PB2SILV1236ACR(3)/PB2SILV1236VISC3111(6)


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